This year we will show you at two fairs. Firsts in Leipzig, Germany, which will take place on 29.9.-1.10. and traditionally at the ModelHobby in Prague on 19-22 October.
We will see our current production, including this year's news!
Come and see, we will look forward!
Today we were "checked" at the airport in Příbram (LKPM) and we took some new photos.
This model is equipped with complete position lighting, roller door for skydiving and transparent windows.
For current and future owners of Z-37A and Z-137T. We have a tip on how to easily link the wiring to the wing with the other electronics in the fuselage, using by the MPX connector that connects when the wings are deployed.
Sale of Z-137T TurboČmelák started! More information about the model can be found in the  page "models".

The prototype is done and we bring the first photo.
The first flight will take place in the next few days.
Watch, share, take us to fb!

Thank you.
Soon we will also offer the Z-137T "TurboBlue" with a span of 1 720mm.

(M = 1: 8, just like our Z-37A)
Sale of Z-37A Čmelák started! More information about the model can be found in the page "models".
So, friends, modelers, it's coming soon ...! You frequently write us about the performances Z-37A Čmelák and more detailed information ...
We're doing everything in our power since
March 3, 2017 and will be ready first sets to ordering.

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Part of each sets "big" Z-37A will be also Scale landing gear including spurs and printed motor-blinds!
First flight of the Z-37A Čmelák "Big" - wingspan of 1 530 mm was passed! No modifications are needed, so soon you'll be able to order. :)
Dieses Jahr wurden wir wieder mit dem Produkt des Jahres ausgezeichnet. Dieses Mal für die fünfblättrigen Propeller für die große L-410, von einer Expertenjury der Messe Modelhobby. Wir erreichten es zwischen 51 nominierten Produkten! :)

Vielen Dank!
Der Erstflug des Modells L-410 UVP-E20 1850 mm, respektive der zweite Flug. Kurzes, aber sehr schönes Video von unserem Kunden. Vorbildgetreuer Flug (außer dem Start (smiley) ). Einfach schön ...
Vielen Dank!
Hier ein Paar Fotos des Modells mit ihrem Vorbild von unserem Besuch in der Fabrik und auf dem Flughafen in Kunovice, wo die großen L410 gebaut werden.
Unser Kunde machte ein schönes Video der Let L-200 Morava.
Vielen Dank, es ist schön zu sehen, dass unsere Modelle Freude bringen!
Good news for the owners of our enlarged L-410. We have manufactured first prototypes of 5-blade propellers for this model and the whole process including stress tests has been going  very well. However, we need to do a couple of smaller adjustments, so it is still going to take some time. We will bring you more info as soon as possible.